Mutumbi is a privately owned, gazetted and operational cemetery. Mutumbi is a name given to us by the Chieftainess of the Soli people, which is a name for a Royal Tree in the Soli language.

Mutumbi is a unique and established 60 hectare cemetery and park which is located in Chamba Valley, 5km north of the Munali Round About in Lusaka. Since 2006, Mutumbi has been an important part of the Lusaka community and has committed itself to providing excellent services and a beautiful and serene environment for remembering loved ones.

Thousands of families, churches and cooperates have chosen us as their cemetery of choice.

We give back to the community by providing free graves for children aged 5 years and below (exclusive of the burial service fee).

Mutumbi has been created as a centre of excellence that understands individual needs and accommodates special requests thus offering a variety of burial garden options.

Individually designed memorial gardens brighten up the park where garden owners are able to express their values, beliefs, tradition, history and culture.

As death affects everyone, Mutumbi caters for people from all walks of life, faith and economic status.

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